Periodic Table Fact Sheet & Alternate Tables

Clicking on the table will lead you to my elements- information chart on my old school’s web site. Trying to edit html for tables on WordPress is too tedious! To view the Wiki periodic table below, you could click here.

Periodic_table_large copy
To break the monotony of rectangular periodic tables:




Here’s one from Eric Scerri. Add period’s (principal quantum number) to angular momentum quantum # , l ,of corresponding s, p, d or f orbital & you get this neat arrangement, preserving triads & adding 1 more. See Journal of Chemical Education article for more details.

scerri (2)

With regard to the above table, theoretical chemist Eugen SchwarzT warns us
Indeed, the n+rule has little meaning in chemistry. However, since the rule
occurs in all textbooks and is absorbed by all students and teachers, it will die
out only very slowly. 

Icon of Chemistry: The Periodic System of Chemical Elements in the New Century

First published: 23 April 2009

And finally a dream table for stamp collectors who are chemists.