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My background is in chemistry and I taught for over 3 decades while moonlighting as a writer. Some of my work has been published in University of Waterloo’s Chem13 News, in Chemical Institute of Canada’s Magazine, in Molecule of the Month(University of Bristol) and in Accenti. I currently(2022) contribute to articles posted by McGill University’s Office for Science and Society.   


In my undergraduate years I was originally attracted to my major because of environmental chemistry, and after being somewhat detracted from its principles for a while, I’ve been drawn to ecology again. Yet equally captivating are the aesthetic aspects of all sciences and branches of mathematics. For example, although there are innumerable applications of integral calculus,  the whole endeavor would be worth it if it was nothing more than an intellectual diversion. I love the way Newton constructed a special triangle within an arc, finding its remaining area using the equation of a circle, a binomial expansion and integral calculus to then arrive at an approximation for Pi. And of course finding one’s own way of approximating Pi or deriving binomial expansions is a pure pleasure of life, even if the methods pale in comparison to those of exceptional minds.

If you walk through Þingvellir, Iceland without knowing its geology, you won’t realise that your feet can touch two continents within minutes.  Existentially, to me arriving at such knowledge is as important as enjoying the surreal late evening light on one of the island’s peninsulas. P1140007


8 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. HI Enrico,
    Thanks for your email and the very interesting articles and photos.
    I always enjoy reading your news and admire the amount of work and time you put into each item.
    My health has improved somewhat over the last few weeks but it is an ongoing battle.
    Thank you so much for sharing your insightful articles with me.
    Keep well.

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  2. Great admirable work Henry! It`s a shame that I just discovered your web site today. some really good reads here for a science buff like me.

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  3. As your student back in 2004-2005, I still remember a lot of what you taught me to this day even though I do not work in the field of science. That is the mark of a great teacher!

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    • Thanks! But there are lots of factors to consider (1) my tons of homework had a tattooing effect on your memory. (2) long term retention is a sign of your intelligence.


  4. thanks for letting me borrow a lab coat for halloween despite not being your student in order to be another student for halloween


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