Biochemistry and Ecology

BACTERIA COMMUNICATION Boron Plays No Boring Role in Quorum Sensing

BEES Queen Bee Chemistry

BEES AND THYME It’s About Thyme, a Honeybee Protector

BERRIES Why Blackberries and Apples Are Not Berries

BLOOD PRESSURE Blood Pressure Linked To Gut Bacteria, Bread Preservative & Nasal Receptors

CACTI Why Do Cacti Taste Bitter in the Afternoon?

CHAMOMILE The Botany And Pharmacology Of German Chamomile Tea

CLOVER From Playing Cards to Clover

DRUGS 1 LSD Precursor From Baker’s Yeast

DRUGS 2 Morphine

FLOWERS What Flowers Do With Light

GENES 1 Clinching Experiment For Great Idea

GENES 2 How many Genes? A Short History of Off-Target Estimates

GENETIC MODIFICATION GM-Modified, Non-Browning Apples: Frivolous Use of Science

GRASS Why Lawn Grass Is Not Green

IMMUNE SYSTEMS AND ERECTIONS Odd Roles for Atmospheric Molecules In the Human Body

LEAF COLOR Autumn Leaf Chemistry: More Than Just Eye Candy

LEGUMES 1 My Green Neighbor’s Ally Seemed to Come Out of Nowhere

LEGUMES 2 Birdsfoot Trefoil Takes Over

ORIGIN OF LIFE Changing Ideas About The Origin Of Life

PARTNERSHIPS Symbiosis and Biodiversity’s Roles in Pine Beetle Epidemic

PEE A Burglar Mystery

PARSLEY The Etymology And Drugs Of Parsley

PLANT CHEMISTRY Plant Chemistry Quiz

ROSEMARY The Dew of the Sea

SAP What Flows In and Out of Phloem

TOMATOES Tomatoes: GM, Aroma And Tradition

TREES 1 Why so Few Tree Species in Quebec?

TREES 2 The Science and Spirituality of Trees

TREES 3 Backyard Science: The Benefits of a Broken Branch

VIRUSES Beneficial Viruses

WEEDS One Man’s Weed Is Another Man’s Science