Articles by Topic

1. Everyday Chemistry


a) Articles With a Geology Angle

The Aesthetics and Chemistry of Petrified Forests

The History and Chemistry of Rock–not the Rolling Stones, the Dolomites

b) Food Chemistry

Why the Smell of Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice is Always Better

Traditional Sauce With Science in Mind


Cherry Juice Chemistry in the Kitchen 

A Misleading Ad Involving Chemistry

Wine from a Radioactive Age

Compounds like tBHQ in McDonald’s Fries Complicate Life

Onions: Don’t Dig and the Truth Remains Buried

Nitrite In The Hot Dogs Of My Youth

The Science And Tradition Of Winemaking

No Lions And Witches—The Pantry Leads To Chemistry

Nitrates and Nitrites in Food and Vegetables

Becoming A Culinary Chemist

A Mystery Mixture

Modified Palm Oil In Cheap Chocolate

c)Basic Chemistry Concepts

In Chemistry, Volumes Are Not Always Additive

How Could I’ve Forgotten Uncertainty?

Using Booze Around the House For Colorimetry Experiment


What’s In Their Names Is In Spica And Pork Chops

Specific Heat: a Beautiful Characteristic Property

Reasons I Love Chemistry

Just What is a Chemical Change?

Chemistry Poems

Swimming Pool NCl3: Not Innocuous As Once Assumed

How Everyday Substances and Habits Can Dissolve Your Teeth Away

From Cloud Seeds to Lightning-Made Fertilizer

Fun With a Failing Memory

Enlist Duo: Dow Walks Into Monsanto’s Footsteps

Odorless Fertilizer from Household Urine

Flames To Ashes: Campfire Science

Superhero and Supervillain Molecules

Science Dimensions On A Baseball Diamond

What Chemical Compound Am I?

Why Are There Acids In the World?

Good Things Come to Those Who Are Patient

At the Mercy of Diffusion

Pressure Gradients: No Sucking Involved

What’s In Their Names Is In Spica And Pork Chops

Revisiting Le Chatelier’s Principle

Relativistic Effects In Your Wedding Ring

The Beauty of Compounds & Mixtures

The Subtleties Of the Volumetric Pipet

Even When Pure, Water Is Blue

Diaper Rash Ointment Eliminates Need for Recreational Drugs

Snow, Chemistry And The Spirit Of Christmas

Using Logic To Get Some Valences of Mangan Neptunite


e) Practical Chemistry

f) Chemistry and Smells

2. Science, Philosophy and Society

What is Scientism? What is Science?

God and Evolution

Zebra Finches At a STEM Conference


Where is the Derivation, Dude?

Good Character Traits of A Scientist

UV: Practical and Philosophical Perspectives

A More Interesting Calendar

Not Yawning at Pure Science

Languages Are Like Species

Fine. Chemophobia’s Based on Ignorance, but So Is Chemophilia

Science Isn’t There to Control Nature

The Joys of Walking Across An Icy Field

Does Society Only Pay Lip Service to the Importance of Science?

Ode to Robo-Teachers

Horizontal Propaganda: Impact on Science and Education

Choices in the Aftermath of Society’s Commitments

Scientists and Heroism

What Has Happened to Scientific American Over the Years?

The Causes And Consequences Of Grade Inflation

The Marriage of Art and Science

Cold, Objective Science? Think Twice.

Why Touch is Special

Adding Scientific Insight to a Sensual World

The Bad Dreams Of Big Science

Science: Larger than Economics, Smaller than Life

The Coarse Language of Wine and Skin Colors

Reflections On “Breaking Bad”

Why There’s No Revolution Around the Corner

Tone Can Spoil A Good Science News Article

Crystal Ball Of Science? Or Pure Fantasy?

3. Science Educationp1120407

Science Education in High Schools

Harry Wilson: Too Good To Play For The Textbook Giants

What Kind of Student or Teacher Are You?

How Ghosts Helped The Best Of Schools


4. Environmental Science and Issues

Maggots on the Compost Bin

How to Make Magnesium With a Lower Carbon Footprint

Why I Love Lichens But Oppose Nuclear Power

Skeletal Formulas and the Export of Occupational and Environmental Hazards

Marcel Laurin Woodland Park


Pourquoi j’aime le Québec

Again, Guess What’s Being Described

Guess What’s Being Described

Jobs for a Greener, Brighter Future

Oxidation Numbers: An Ecological Perspective

Two Offbeat Questions About Greenhouse Gases

Daily Car Use: Mimicking a Bad Habit

Fresh Insights into Climate Change

VW Scandal: But Many Other Reasons Not to Love Cars

The Contagious Optimism of Environmentalist David Boyd

12 Principles of Green Chemistry and Green Solvents

Lessons Learned From The Sandoz Disaster

BMAA and ALS: A Close Look at Eutrophication

Canadians, Not Exactly Stewards of the Earth

Cheap Oil Prices, Not Good for Bioethylene

Protected Areas In Florida Tourist Zones

Keep Track of Pollutants in Your Neighborhood

Compounds of Orientation: acting at very low concentrations

Comedian Rick Mercer Goes to Bat for Science and the Environment

Not Your Everyday Mayor: Warning About Climate Change

Not Just Made In China: PM2.5 Pollution

Hydroelectricity: Quebec’s True Power

Pesticides in Tea: Strange Brew Indeed

Toxic Bloom Despite Josh Bloom’s Rosy Views

Made In China: PM2.5 Pollution From Ammonia


6. Math and Physics

The Geometry and Trig of a Spherical Surface.

Brownian Motion

From Da Vinci to a Constraint Problem

From a Math Puzzle to an Odd Moon

One More Path To Trigonometric Addition Formulas
When Math-Shortcuts Involved Little or No Technology
Fun With Shapes and Numbers
Why Perfect Numbers Only End in 6 or 8
Neutrinos: the basics and why they matter


The Physics of Snowflakes & the Spirit of Christmas

Probability In Unexpected Places

How Do They Calculate the Mass of the Earth?

Pizza, Math and Ecology

I ragazzi di via Panisperna (The Boys of Via Panisperna)

The Mathematics of How I Met My Wife (an introduction to Fermi Problems and significant figures)

Wasp on Deck Applied Physics

Persuading Vacationers To Calculate Latitude

National Hockey League Ignores Physics But Loves Ancient Roman Arenas

Hey, Don’t Disrespect Galileo!

Double Magic Numbers: Not Always Guaranteed Stability

Floating in a Dream

7. Drugs, Medicine and Health

Why Are Some Still Using Methylene Chloride to Extract Caffeine?


The Causes of Heart Disease: Mostly Not Genetic

The Causes of Hangovers

The Promise of a Non-addictive Opioid

Carfentanil has killed hostages and even moose!

The Nuances of Vaccination

Cancer Prevention

New Screen for Shellfish Poisoning

Drug Synchronicity in Amazon Tea

Takotsubo: Broken-Heart Syndrome

Drugs: Simple Solutions Won’t Cut It

Gluten-free Diet Exposes People to More Arsenic

The Modern Myth of Life Expectancy

EpiPen Basics

Learning About Marijuana From Washington University

Chirality Beyond Breaking Bad

Cannabis Science And Adventures

Black Mamba Spice: A Cannabinoid Cocktail

Finding Your Keys: What Neuroscience Reveals

Preparing for a Colonoscopy: Chemistry & Personal Observations



Why are the orbits of our planets not equally eccentric?

Thoughts on Leo’s Stars

A Neat Comet

Mathematical Series Help Us Learn About the Moon

Adventures With Venus


Cosmic Origins of Atoms in a Mineral

Comet Lovejoy Spewed Alcohol and Sugar: an Interview

An Hour for Every Star

Something Positive In A Neutron Star

Thoughts of Astronomy While Tobogganing

Cosmic Origins of Atoms in a Mineral