Cleaning Agents

Can you match the following cleaning agents with the correct letter in the 2nd table? And remember to never use more than you have to!

ammonium fluoride
citric acid
hydrochloric acid
nitric acid
sodium hydroxide
sulfamic acid
The answers follow!


Cleaning CompoundWhat It Dissolves or Reacts Withusageremarks
Amost water scales and corrosion productsboilers, heat exchangers, pipelines, bricks<175 oF; will corrode steel
Bmost water scales and corrosion productsstainless steel and aluminumcannot be used on copper or ferrous alloys
silicate depositsmixed with HCl to form HF 
Dcalcium saltsadditive for HCl; or replacementpricier, less toxic and less volatile than HCl; won’t make chlorine if accidentally added to hypochlorite
Eiron oxidesboilers, often mixed with ammonia& oxidizersineffective on water scale
Foil greasepre& post-cleaner for acid-cleaning 
Gcopper ions form  complexes with itlarge boilers 
Hwater scales at alkaline pHscleans water systems without shutdownpricy


A) hydrochloric acid (HCl)

B) nitric acid (HNO3)

C) ammonium fluoride

D) sulfamic acid,H3NSO3

E) citric acid(C6H8O7)

F) sodium hydroxide(NaOH)

G) ammonia(NH3)

H) EDTA(C10H16N2O8)o quit talking and begin doing.