The Phobia of Chemophobia and a Better Path for Science Education

I've long been annoyed by complaints about chemophobia and by those on war path to combatting it. But I stumbled upon some fresh air when I read a Scientific American guest blog by Chiara Ceci, who at the time of writing worked for the Royal Society of Chemistry. “We found that people’s views on chemicals... Continue Reading →

The Science And Tradition Of Winemaking

Since my last name means "grapes" in Italian, it is fitting that my father and brother are both amateur winemakers. While my dad stubbornly sticks to medieval techniques, my brother, a chemical engineer, makes use of science. But although our understanding of winemaking has deepened, and although additives serve an important purpose, the basic process... Continue Reading →

Just What is a Chemical Change?

If a teacher reviews chemical versus physical changes in high school or even in a freshman course, the chances that he'll come across misconceptions regarding the topic are as good as those of seeing autumn colors in Quebec. This is normal because classifying change is a tricky concept given that students barely know the subject. In order to make sense of the... Continue Reading →

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