The Illusion of More Glitter in the Distance

On the surface of a lake or other body of water, there can be a wonderful pattern formed by points of light that almost seem to be dancing. Each of these points is a reflection of the sun, and the reason there are many is because the surface is not perfectly still. The gentlest wind... Continue Reading →

Revelations from U.S. Farm Data

The economics of farming in the United States is not often on the radar of a media that caters more to the urban-dwellers of the Northeast . Luckily, since the country hasn't experienced an Orwellian takeover of farms by animals, nearly 98% are owned by families. Almost 90% of these are small, with gross incomes... Continue Reading →

What is Scientism? What is Science?

Broad fields of human activity such as art and science are difficult to pin down with a dictionary definition. The same is true of many isms, whether we are discussing capitalism, socialism or scientism. So if we're going to argue that scientism is not science, we have to start by explaining what each one entails.... Continue Reading →

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