Spaghetti Science

Ever run out of soup noodles and relied on breaking up spaghetti into small 1 to 2 cm pieces? That's what I just did, and I never realized how many 1-2 mm fragments are generated with each and every break. In fact some bits were even smaller than a millimeter. I realized it by fluke... Continue Reading →

Why Don’t the Nucleus’ Protons Repel?

Don't you wish students asked that question when learning about the atom? Most know that like-charges repel, so why aren't they troubled by the idea of an extremely small nucleus holding tightly packed positively charged and neutral particles? (An equally important question is: why aren't quarks and gluons part of the high school curriculum when... Continue Reading →

Science Outreach: Two Ends of the Spectrum

Most readers are familiar with the term greenwashing in which certain companies use the jargon from the environmental movement on their label to boost sales. But meanwhile, with regards to packaging and/or manufacturing, they do not implement the ecological practices required to significantly cut waste and pollution. The worst form of science outreach is actually... Continue Reading →

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