How Tornadoes Form: It’s Not Really Understood

Yesterday, I was reminded that the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) admits that atmospheric scientists are still mystified by tornadoes. Why is it, for instance, that not every thunderstorm generates a tornado, even when you have all the necessary conditions of shear, lift, instability and moisture? Most destructive tornadoes spout out of supercells, rotating... Continue Reading →

Hoarfrost and Yukimarimo

Hoarfrost patterns are often described as being feathery, needle-like or spiny. But this morning in a double-glass window that is no longer perfectly sealed, there was hoarfrost with a fiddle-head pattern. ( If we have to insist on comparing one aspect of nature to another!) Here's what I saw in a time span of about... Continue Reading →

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