Pretend-Recycling Is Not the Answer. First Reduce. Then Repair and Reuse.

1. Despite all the Bins, We Are Still Wasteful In most of the North American continent, we have pretend-recycling, given that about most of what we place in our green bins ends up as garbage. Over 90% of plastic isn't actually recycled. U.S. exported 74,000 shipping containers of plastic waste to low-income countries, according to... Continue Reading →

Overpopulation: the Elephant in the Room

When my grandmother was born early last century, there were only 1.6 billion people on Earth. Now China and India alone combine for 2.8 billion and there are 5.1 billion more people outside of those boundaries. Although worldwide, the equivalent of Italy's population died last year, there was one newborn for every person in Russia.... Continue Reading →

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