Blossoms of Lettuce

While lettuce grows in our garden at its frantic pace, I tend to pick leaves from the core to prevent it from flowering. If not, the leaves don't grow to size and don't acquire the same soft texture. But after several cycles, it exhausts itself, and no matter how I pick them, the plant will... Continue Reading →

An Isolated Plant Family

There is a family within the angiosperms (flowering plants) that, from an evolutionary viewpoint, is relatively isolated. The only family that's somewhat closely related to it is that of the morning glory, Convolvulacea. The family in question has about 1700 species, which is not much compared to the diversity within the pea, orchid and sunflower... Continue Reading →

Expanding Birnbaum’s Observations

I was just making sure that my escarole ("scarola in Italian") had enough water, early yesterday morning. But an unexpected surprise led me to learn more than a few things. For starters, escarole is more closely related to chicory than to lettuce. Unlike the latter, escarole has toothed leaves and lacks the milky white sap... Continue Reading →

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